Exqui Italian Design Winecooler, Champagnecooler & Bottlecooler

The Exqui Wine- & Champagnecooler!

Ice buckets are history! The Exqui-cooler offers that little bit of extra to keep your champagnes and wines cool while dining or even to keep your vodka cool during a party!

Balance on your table

The Exqui winecooler is an eyecatcher that adds a sense of elegance to your table. Furthermore, the perfect angle of the cooling element and its ergonimic shape ensure a robust and perfect balance! This also avoids unwanted spilling of any liquids.

The perfect temperature

“Serve at a temperature of 10°C” is what the lable on the bottle says. Of course, you retrieve your bottle from the fridge, but then what? Your Exqui winecooler does all the rest on your table. Its function is keeping the temperature of your bottles perfect after removing them from the fridge.

Extremely easy to set up

Take the cooling element from the freezer and put it in the container. Attaching the cooling pocket to the container can be done easily with a quick click. After simply clicking it onm your Exqui winecooler is ready to keep your bottles cool for at  least 3 hours. All you have to do, and this is the best part, is to remove the cork from your favorite bottle of wine, champagne, .. and enjoy!

The perfect marriage between Italian design and functionality

Its minimal waves make the Exqui winecooler a design item that shines on your table, your living room corner or your winebar. The ergonimic shape is designed to hold any kind of bottle.

The Exqui winecooler is a design element you can interpret in different colors, materials and models. You decide! In any case, you will have a piece of perfect Italian style!

Ideal for any kind of bottle

The Exqui winecooler is perfect for cooling any kind of bottle, not just your wine! The largely shaped cooling element can hold any size of bottle (up to 105mm diameter), from mineral water to beer and vodka.

Always show your label and keep it dry

Our cooler is the only winecooler that doesn’t hide the label. A much appreciated feature for the wine lover! With the Exqui cooler you can always see what you’re drinking! Classic ice buckets leave annoying water droplets on your bottle and label, those are now a thing of the past!

Up to 3 hours of cooling

Your trusted bottle will keep it’s temperature for at least 3 hours. The winecooler is a temperature stabilisor designed to keep the taste of your drinks in optimal conditions.

Available in many colors

There’s an Exqui winecooler for everybody, in your own favorite color or a color that fits your table. Black is perfect for the dimmed lights of an after-dinner drink, bright red is perfect for a drink in the garden on a summer afternoon.

Plastic or steel

Next to picking the color of your container and cooling element, you can really personalize your Exqui winecooler. Choose between metal and plastic, matte or transparant, anything goes! The choice is yours.

The only thing you have to do, is put it in the freezer.

The Exqui winecooler really doesn’t need anything else. Unlike classical wine- or champagnebuckets, the Exqui winecooler avoids spillage of water to make icecubes. You also don’t need to waste electricity to keep your bottles at just the right remperature. Non-toxic and recyclable plastic make this design cooler also environmentally friendly!

Made from recyclable plastic

The Exqui winecooler contributes to the world by being respectful for the environment and health. It is completely made from non-toxic and recyclable plastic.

No more wasting energy or water

Never mind making ice cubes when planning a party! The Exqui winecooler is like a freezer without the wires!


So how often can you use the Exqui cooler? Thanks to its easy principle it can be used over and over again! If you need more than 3 hours of cooling, you can always order an additional cooling element and keep it in your freezer!

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